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Date Irish Historical Event American Event Canadian Event Australian Event
8000 BC Arrival of first settlers
100 Arrival of the Gaels
432 AD Arrival of St. Patrick
7th - 8th centuries AD Golden Age - Book of Durrow, Book of Kells, Ardagh Chalice
795 First Norsemen / Vikings arrive
1014 Brian Boru is victorious over the Norsemen ad the Battle of Clontarf, but is killed after the battle.
1170 Strongbow arrives in Ireland. Becomes King of Leinster in 1171
1492 Columbus sights land in modern day Bahamas.
1494 Treaty of Tordesillas divides New World between Spain and Portugal
1497 John Cabot establishes first English claim in North America
1562 Elizabethan wars in Ireland begin
1595 Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone rebels
1598 Victory for O'Neill at Yellow Ford in Ulster
1601 O'Neill and O'Donnell defeated at battle of Kinsale
1603 James 1 ascends the British thrown. Hugh O'Neill surrenders
1607 Flight of the Earls Jamestown founded
1620 Plymouth colony founded
1623 Dutch explorer Jan Carstensz maps & names main features of western coast
1649 Arrival of Cromwell
1681 Pennsylvania established
1689 Siege of Derry
1690 James II defeated by William Of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne
1691 Surrender of the Catholics at Limerick
1692 Witch trials in Salem
1770 Cook lands at Botany bay
1776 Declaration of Independence Captain Cook lands at Botany Bay for the second time and claims the east coast for the UK
1777 Valley Forge. British surrender at Saratoga
1782 Legislative independence for Irish Parliament
1783 Treaty of Paris recognizes American independence
1789 Washington becomes first president First wheat harvested at Rose Hill (Parramatta) near Sydney
1796 United Irishmen lay plans for rebellion Adams defeats Jefferson in first contested presidential election Merino sheep introduced into NSW
1798 Sporadic rebellion in midlands, Wexford and Wicklow. Death of Wolfe Tone. XYZ Affair
Alien and Sedition Acts
Virginia and Kentucky resolutions
Bass discovers Bass the Straight and Western Port Bay (Victoria) 
1800 Act of Union passed. Takes effect on January 1st 1801 Jefferson defeats Adams and Burr for president
Mathew Flinders begins exploration in the Investigator
1803 Robert Emmett's trial and execution following rising Louisiana Purchase Matthew Flinders completes circumnavigation of Australia
1812 Congress declares war on Britain First exploration of the Illawarra district, south of Sydney, by George
1823 Daniel O'Connell founds the Catholic Association New South Wales granted the first constitutional charter by British law
1829 Catholic Emancipation act passed Jackson inaugurated as "People's President" Colony of Western Australia established
1837 Queen Victoria ascends the British thrown Horace Mann becomes secretary of Massachusetts Board of Education
Elijah Lovejoy killed by anti-abolitionist mob in Illinois
Charles Darwin surveys north west coast in HMS Beagle
1842 The Nation newspaper is founded
1845 Potato blight strikes. The Famine takes hold for 5 years and devastates the population Emigrant ship
Cataraqui runs aground in a fierce storm at King Island. Of the 415 people aboard, 9 survive
1849 California gold rush First German immigrants arrive in Melbourne but are refused entry by Charles La Trobe. They ordered to sail on to Sydney
1854 Republican Party founded Reciprocity Treaty between US and the British government Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat, Victoria
1858 Fenian Brotherhood founded in United States of America. James Stephens founds the organisation that eventually becomes the Irish Republican Brotherhood. Freeport Doctrine
Amor De Cosmos arrives in Victoria to found a newspaper, the British-Colonist, which spoke against the idea of annexing British Columbia to the United States
1861 American Civil War begins
1865 American Civil War ends. Lincoln assassinated Felons Apprehension
Act is passed allowing bushrangers to be proclaimed outlaws and shot on sight
1866  The colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia are united. Reciprocity Treaty of 1854 is repealed by the United States
1867 Fenian rising. Kelly rescued from police custody in Manchester. Allen, Larkin & O'Brien executed. Clerkenwell explosion. Tenure of Office Act
Alaska purchased
Southern states establish Reconstruction governments
British North America Act creates the Dominion of Canada
1869 Gladstone disestablishes the protestant church in Ireland 15th Amendment proposed
Transcontinental railroad completed at Promontory Point, Utah
1870 The first Land Act Last Southern states readmitted to Congress The Dominion of Canada purchases Rupert's Land and the North West Territories from the Hudson's Bay Company All British Troops stationed in Australia withdrawn.
1871 British Columbia joins the Dominion of Canada, on the condition that a transcontinental railway is built. Sydney stock
Exchange was founded. A submarine communications cable from Java reaches Darwin
1875 Charles Stewart Parnell elected as an MP Canada adopts the "Franking System"
1879 Irish National Land League founded
1881 Second Land Act President Garfield assassinated Smallpox epidemic breaks out in the Rocks area of Sydney. Restrictions placed on Chinese in NSW.
1886 First attempt at Home Rule Bill fails. American Federation of Labor formed
1889 United Irishman newspaper is founded
1890 Wounded Knee
1893 Second attempt at Home Rule Bill fails Great Northern Railroad completed Financial panic and recession. Discovery of gold in Kalgoorlie, WA.
1912 The Home Rule Bill passes in the House Of Commons Wilson elected president Commonwealth Bank of Australia opens for  business. Establishment of the Australian Flying Corp approved
1914 First World War begins in August. Federal Trade Commission created
U.S. Navy invades Veracruz
The first basic wage for New South Wales  determined by the Court of Industrial Arbitration
Australian troops land at Gallipoli
1916 Easter rising in Dublin. Pershing pursues Pancho Villa in Mexico. Wilson re-elected president Manitoba becomes the first province to allow women to vote
1918 End of World War One. Wilson's 14 Points. Sedition Act Women were given same rights to vote as men in federal elections
1919 Dail Eireann meets. Meetings are not banned by the British. Senate rejects U.S. entry into League of Nations. 18th Amendment to constitution In Winnipeg, a strike of the metal workers union leads to the entire city going on strike. Nova Scotia allows women to vote in provincial elections The League of Nations grants Australia a mandate over former German territories in the Pacific area
1920 'Black & Tans' arrive. Michael Collins orders the execution of 14 undercover British intelligence officers. In revenge 12 people are killed during a football match at Croke park when a British machine gun and rifles open fire into the crowd. The day becomes known as Bloody Sunday. 19th Amendment gives women the franchise.
Warren Harding elected president.

Arthur Meighen, a Conservative, becomes Prime Minister Sir Edmund Barton, Australias first Prime Minister dies. Flinders Naval base officially opens.
1921 Northern Ireland parliament is opened.
Anglo-Irish treaty.
Congress enacts immigration quotas National Progressive Party is formed. Japanese Canadians who served in World War I are given the right to vote in federal elections Mrs. Edith Cowan is elected to the Legislative Assembly in Western  Australia and becomes the first woman member of any Australian parliament
1922 General election in Ireland.
Civil war begins. Michael Collins killed.
Teapot Dome scandal. Prince Edward Island gives women the right to vote in provincial elections
1923 End of the civil war
1926 Fianna Fail founded by De Valera Compulsory voting is  introduced for elections for the Victorian Legislative Assembly
1927 General election. De Valera enters the Dail by circumventing the required Oath. Lindbergh's solo flight across Atlantic.
Babe Ruth hits 60 home runs
Parliament House in Canberra is formally opened as the official seat of government of the Commonwealth of Australia
1929 Stock market crash The "Persons Case". Saskatchewan government decrees that all children "should have an adequate knowledge of the English language and the training necessary for good Canadian citizenship." The Great Depression
1937 Constitution of Eire Roosevelt announces court-packing plan A regular Airmail service is inaugurated between America and Australia
1939 Outbreak of World War Two.
De Valera declares Irelands neutrality.
Prime Minister Robert Menzies declares war on Germany
1945 End of World War Two. Roosevelt dies, succeeded by Truman Japanese Canadians were forced to choose between moving east of the Rocky Mountains or being deported to Japan
1948 General Election. De Valera defeated. Truman elected president Newfoundland and Labrador vote to join Canada after second referendum Manufacture of the Holden, Australia's first mass-produced car
1949 Declaration of The Republic Of Ireland. British accept the declaration but guarantee support to Northern Ireland. NATO established
Newfoundland and Labrador become the tenth province of Canada The Nationality and Citizenship Act comes  into force creating the status of "Australian Citizen"

A lot of the Australian events are courtesy of Gaye Freckleton in Australia.