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Identity Parade

If you are a relative, or can identify any of the people below, please get in touch here. You may also submit your own photograph if you need like us to help identify the subject.


Michael Cavanagh

Found in a family photo album.

James William Kavanagh James William Kavanagh

Born around 1818 married Ann Nugent, they had 16 children. He was a school teacher and or school inspector. On the photo it says he was a Professor of the Arithmetics. It is beleived he was born in County Cork. 2 of his sons came to New Zealand. One of them was my great grandfather Art MacMurrough Kavanagh, His brothers name was Dermod. I also have a photo of a daughter who was a Nun in Ireland and then in America Her name was Brigid Mary, in religion Mary Patrick. She was in born in 1843, Died 1933. Her phot is at the Presentation Convent in Galway.

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Barbara Miratana (*)

This is a picture, in part, of my grand uncle (brother to my grandfather, Owen Kavanagh) and his two sons. His name is Patrick Kavanagh (on the right in the dark jacket and sailing cap). His sons were Patrick Jr. (at the rear standing next to the mast) and Jack (at the tiller in the white jacket and cap). Patrick and Patrick Jr. were solicitors in Cork City. Their business offices were at 9 South Mall and 43 Grand Parade. Patrick Sr. lived at Arfallen House, Sunday's Well Road. By checking telephone directories at the Cork City Library I was able to determine the firm was in business until some time between 1988 and 1993. The last contact by my part of the family was made by my father, John Kavanagh, while on vacation in Ireland in the late 1950's. He visited their office. Perhaps some one might know or know of the descendants of these Kavanaghs.

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Owen Kavanagh (*)

This appears to be an entire family - father (obviously a minister) & mother, two sons, a grandfather and either 4 daughters or 2 daughters and 2 domestics.

I think it may be 2 daughters because the girls are alone in picture number three. I don't know the family's name. My mother gave me the pictures years ago and said the family were relatives of my father and lived, she thought, in Kilkenny.

The names in my family are: Kavanagh and Blainey (great grandparents on my grandfather's side) and Dench and Cassidy (great grandparents on my grandmother's -Dench- side). This is all the information I have at present.

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Owen Kavanagh (*)

Can you help identify this man?

Photograph taken around 1938/1939, on a beach somewhere in New York. Possibly Staten or Coney Island.

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Ellen (*)

Possibly Mary Ellen Kirk (Courtesy MSM Archive, all rights reserved)

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Daniel Gough (*)


Stuart McGeady (*)

Margaret Kavanagh Straub (Courtesy MSM Archive, all rights reserved)

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Daniel Gough (*)


Stuart McGeady (*)

Miss Laura Cavanaugh, aged 15 years of 10 Fayal Ct., Gloucester, MA

Laura appeared in a promotion for the Giant Oxie Company, a manufacturer of plasters. On January 22nd, 1901 she wrote to the company :

Dear Sirs

I have been very ill and not able to attend to the Plasters, but I have sold them since last Friday, and was very happy to hear from you. My mamma has also been very ill for the last six months but she is better now, and after I have received my premium I will send for more plasters. I am now going on my 15th year, and will send you one of my pictures.

My papa is going away to sea soon and I would like to get the premium before he goes.

Frank W. Kavanaugh

On October 3rd, 1900 Frank took place in a buggy race for an Amateur Horse Racing meeting in New York. He was partnered by a horse named "Addie Wilkes" and won the race.

Mrs. G. T. Kavanaugh

Photograph appears to have been taken in Illinois.

Mary Kavanaugh, Actress, New York

The photograph was taken circa 1895

Lyla Kavenaugh, Actress, New York

May also have been known as Leila Kavenaugh, Lila Kavanagh, and Lyla Cavenaugh